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tv   News 4 Midday  NBC  July 6, 2011 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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good morning and welcome to "news 4 midday." i'm eun yang in for barbara harrison. it is wednesday, july 6th, 2011. >> justice for caylee! justice for caylee! >> we begin with calls for justice after a jury acquitted casey anthony on murder and child abuse charges in the death of her daughter, caylee. millions have watched the drama unfold on tv for more than a month now. now the florida mother could be spending her last day in jail. nbc's kristen dahlgren has more on the reaction of the verdict.
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>> as to the charge of first-degree murder, verdict as to count one, we the jury find the defendant not guilty. >> reporter: casey anthony sobbed after hearing the verdict, not guilty on the three most serious charges related to her 2-year-old daughter, caylee's, death. after weeks of testimony, the jury took less than 11 hours to decide. >> we really didn't think that a not guilty verdict in that short a period of time was realistic. but, you know, that's the jury system. >> reporter: and while none who participated in deliberations spoke to the media, one alternate offered his take. >> the prosecution didn't meet their burden of proof. we had a lot of reasonable doubt there. >> reporter: but outside the courtroom, the jurors' unanimous decision was met with a shared shock and outrage. >> you've got everything, so how do you give her a verdict like that? >> we are just devastated. it is just unbelievable that
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somebody can get away with doing this to a little beautiful baby. >> reporter: for weeks, millions watched the wall-to-wall with coverage, transfixed by a mother facing the death penalty. anthony's defense included allegations her father molested her and helped cover up the fact that caylee drowned in the family pool. >> casey did not murder caylee. it's that simple. >> reporter: but she was convicted on four counts of providing false information to police. on thursday, the judge will sentence her on those charges, up to four years, but with time served since she was arrested in 2008, casey anthony could soon walk free. casey anthony's parents released a statement reading in part, "despite the baseless defense chosen by casey anthony, the family believes the jury reached a fair decision based on the evidence." they then asked for their privacy. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, orlando.
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>> during the trial, prosecutors seemed to disprove testimony from casey's mother, cindy, on the witness stand. this morning on the "today" show, lead prosecutor jeff ashton said cindy anthony could now face perjury charges. right now jury selection is under way in the federal trial against former yankees' pitcher, roger clemens. clemens is accused of lying to congress during a 2008 testimony in which he denied using performance enhancing drugs during his 23-season career. a pool of 125 d.c. residents will be narrowed down to a jury of 12 and four alternates. the bulk of the trial will pit clemens against former trainer brian mcnamee, who claims he injected several former players on the team. also right now, a historic event for d.c. happening at the verizon center. the drawly la ma and invited guests are gathering for a blessing. news 4's kimberly suiters is
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live at the verizon center now with more on the events going on there. kimberly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. a morning of prayer followed bay birthday party for the dalai la lama, it's his 76th birthday here. they think about 10,000 people every day should show up over the next ten days for prayer, for meditation, and also in part for a celebration of this country's political and religious freedoms. >> it means a lot, i can tell you. >> reporter: she represents the tibetan community in all of new york and new jersey. she awaits not only the dalai lama, but 15 buses of buddhist faithful to arrive at the verizon center. for you, would bit like the pope blessing catholics? a similar situation? >> exactly. exactly. >> reporter: a monk who runs a monastery in the u.s. says a blessing from the dalai lama is refreshing, even from a
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distance, even in a massive convention center. >> the dalai lama is our father, mother, god, everything. >> reporter: this particular event considered special for many reasons. it's the dalai lama's 76th birthday, his first event since retiring from public life, and is considered the most complex of buddhist rituals. this couple from vermont will attend all ten days, seeking peace not only for themselves, but for the world. >> it makes me feel peaceful. i find some inner peace from studying it, from thinking about it, from practicing it. >> he does everything for very intentional reasons, so it's a good idea. >> reporter: it's no accident, they say, the dalai lama chose washington, d.c. the political powerhouse of the world, to plant the seed of spirituality. >> once we get his blessing, it gives us tremendous happiness and good luck for the future. >> reporter: and here, unlike some other parts of the world, they are free to hand out the
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flag of tibet. >> here we have here two lines that represents the power of tibetans for struggling. >> reporter: but for the next ten days, the focus will not be be on the struggle, but on the celebration. >> yeah, i feel really great. i'm like, you know, i feel like i'm in tibet, you know? in free country. >> if you want to take part in the events here over the next ten days, you have to get a ticket in advance, either through ticket master or by coming to the verizon center. there's also a free event on saturday at the west end of the mall. and we ask some of the visitors here today, is this a gift from the dalai lama on his birthday? and they said, my fair lady, his gifts are always there. reporting live at the verizon center, i'm kimberly suiters, news 4. eun, back to you in the studio. >> what a lovely thought. kimberly, thanks so much. turning now to the weather, we've already seen some rain today and we could be in for some storms this afternoon.
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it's hazy out there right now, it's 76 degrees. meteorologist tom kierein joins us right now for the first forecast. hi, tom. >> hi, eun. a little rain came through during the last hour. that cooled us down. we were in the low 80s before the rain arrived, but the rain has cooled us back down into the mid-70s. some blue into prince george's county, and farther to the south, into charles county. farther south, we have some showers heavier with thunder and lightning. that is just now passing south of fredericksburg, heading off into the northern neck of virginia. and throughout northern montgomery county too, getting a few light sprinkles there. our temperatures around the region are generally still holding steady in the 70s, but it is in the 80s on the eastern shore where we've had some sunshine. sun breaking out in the shenandoah valley, where they're climbing into the 80s. over the next several hours, we should have some sunshine breaking out here as well. and as we get into the afternoon hours, going partly sunny, going
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to be a humid day. highs reaching up around 90 degrees. and there is a possibility of some scattered afternoon storms popping up, just a small chance that one of those storms would produce any damaging winds or hail. that would be late afternoon or perhaps early this evening. we'll take a look at how much longer this hot, humid weather's going to last. we'll look toward the rest of the week and the weekend coming right up, eun. >> we'll see you in a few minutes. tom, thank you. right now the loudoun county board of supervisors is trying to settle a dispute over a new metro station at dulles international airport. members are considering a compromise drafted by transportation secretary ray lahood who stepped after loudoun officials threatened to pull support for the project. they were outraged over the proposal to build an underground station at dulles, a much more expensive option. lahood's proposal calls for an enclosed aboveground station and a smaller rail yard at the airport in order to save nearly $1 billion. metro's escalator problems are getting worse, but that's not the only thing going from
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bad to worse on the system. news 4's melissa mollet reports from the foggy bottom metro station. >> reporter: frustration over the system's escalators have been mounting for some time. now this latest report shows that in the month of may, more than 100 of the system's 588 escalators was not working. the monthlily report looks at whether metro's service is improving, deteriorating, or remaining steady. it will be presented to the system's board of directors on thursday. performance is also worsening in several other categories, bus and rail, on-time performance, and the customer injury rate is up slightly as well. there is one thing that has increased, the number of inspections completed, a positive increase, up 8% over april. maintenance the signing metro teams to the busiest stations, and they promise to fill manager and supervisor positions this month to help with maintenance on the line. riders we spoke with at the foggy bottom stop says metro needs to get these repairs done. >> i have a disability on my
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right foot, some time, and the if the escalators and elevator's not working, that's kind of an inconvenience for me, to get back and forth to work. >> they try to fix them. it's still the same problem. nothing works. they tried their best, i guess. >> reporter: to take a look at the full 36-page report, go to our website, in northwest washington, melissa mollet, news 4. police are hoping a new website will lead them to the killer in a georgetown cold case. the site will seek information in the 1998 murder of christine mirzon. she was sexually assaulted and beaten to debt on her way back to her dorm at georgetown university. they recently used dna to connect her case to a series of rapes in the early 1980s. it is now 11:10, 77 degrees. coming up, the olympic pick. what city will be hosting the
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welcome back at 11:13. later today, a first for president obama. at 2:00 this afternoon, he will hold his first twitter town hall. he'll take questions about the economy from the social media site. twitter requires users to limit their statements to 140 characters. the president, however, will give verbal answers in front of
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a live audience at the white house. you can send the president a tweet by using the hash tag or pound sign, then "ask obama" before your question. tomorrow, it's talks with with top congressional leaders at the white house about the looming debt limit heading into default. he wants lawmakers to come up with a deal in the next two weeks. republicans say a tax increase is not an option. ft. is calling for a long-term deal rather than a stopgap, which only provides a temporary extension. in decision 2012, a local man thinks he has what it takes to be the next president of the united states. stafford resident craig ennis is among the 170 people who joined to run for president. he ran once as a write-in candidate for congress. to declare yourself, you need to file paperwork and raise $5,000. today in boston, former mob
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boss james "whitey" bulger is expected to be in court. at 2:00 this afternoon, he is expected to enter a plea on 19 counts of murder. they tracked down bulger last month in california after he escaped prosecution 19 years ago. prosecutors say the 81-year-old used to head boston's notorious winter hill gang and would eliminate rivals or potential witnesses. right now the international olympic committee is preparing those who will host the 2018 winter olympics, pyeongchang is considered the front runner, and they have already built their first venue. munich, germany, and ancee, france, are also in the running. we'll bring you the winner as soon as they'll announce it in about ten minutes. hard to think about winter olympics when it's so humid outside. >> and they do have mountains in south korea, and it can get cold in the winter too. here now, we're talking about humidity.
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good morning. and looking off to the west-northwest toward loudoun county, way off there in the distance, we can see some breaks in the clouds, a little blue showing through. some sunshine breaking through after we had a few morning sprinkles coming through washington. and earlier than that, had a few town pours in fauquier county and it is very humidity. humidity is now at 82%. a wind out of the south-southwest at around 7. right now the radar is showing a few light showers, a few sprinkles, northern montgomery county, and here in prince george's county and southern anne arundel. and there's some other maybe more moderate showers here in southern prince george's, northern charles county. this is drifting off to the north and east. farther south, heavy downpours to the south of fredericksburg. these are drifting off to the north and north-northeast. these areas in red are unloading rain at the rate of 2 inches an hour. it's coming down hard there, a little bit of lightning and
11:17 am
thunder there too. this is way south of washington, it may move together, move across the northern neck into southern maryland in another hour or so it may be reaching st. mary's county. but farther north, getting sunshine breaking out to our west and north, where temperatures have jumped into the 80s, where they had the sun breaking out. panhandle of west virginia, washington county, much of the shenandoah valley. and to our east as well, around the eastern shore, the eastern part of the bay, and the atlantic beaches, already well into the upper 90s. tail be climbing into the low to mid-90s on the eastern shore. and out in the mountains right now, they're in the 70s, most locations. over the last 12 hours, one cluster of showers. but getting these breaks in the clouds to our west, and lots of sunshine now out of the mountains of western maryland and in west virginia. as this day progresses, we'll have this increasing sunshine, but that will serve to destabilize things. that combined with a little weak front that sort of stalled out over the region, giving us the
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likelihood of scattered storms later this afternoon and this evening. and the futurecast showing these areas of color, these potential storms popping up late afternoon, early evening. and then tomorrow, through much of the day, we'll stay dry through the morning, except out of the mountains, they may get a shower. then during the afternoon, quite likely, scattered showers and storms popping up. then things will settle down thursday night. but then on friday, we'll likely get more showers and more thunderstorms on friday and remaining humid. so for the rest of this wednesday, a little sunshine breaking out, and we also have the possibility of some storms by late afternoon, perhaps around 5:00, 6:00 in the afternoon, and then into the early evening hours. before then, we'll probably climb up to around 90 degrees with that sunshine coming back out and a steamy day with the high humidity. then overnight tonight, warm and humid. during the evening, early evening, mid-80s, by midnight, the upper 70s, and we still have the possibility of a few storms around, perhaps early to midevening, and then after that, going partly cloudy. and by dawn tomorrow, we should be down into the low 70s to
11:19 am
mid-70s around the metro areas, starting off thursday morning. so tomorrow, another steamy day, a lot like today. quite a bit of cloudiness in and out, and the likelihood of scattered afternoon and evening thunderstorms. and as we get into friday, more clouds around, a bit cooler, but still very humid, temperatures climbing into the mid- to upper 80s. and maybe a morning or midday shower on the friday, maybe scattered evening thunderstorms. there's a chance a few storms may linger into friday night, perhaps very early saturday morning, maybe a few lingering showers. but the rest of the weekend now looking dry. partly cloudy on saturday with highs reaching around 90 degrees, but still rather humid and hazy shine. hot and humid on sunday too, up around 90. and it looks like we'll keep this going all the way into next week. so get used to it. the heat and humidity with us. it's july, it's washington -- >> yeah, i have a feeling next month and possibly a few weeks after that -- >> once in a while we do get
11:20 am
breaks of the high humidity, but not very long. >> all right, tom, thanks so much. still ahead, it looks like something out of an end of the world movie. a huge storm that blanketed a city. and trying to get more fruits and veggies into your diet? a great smoothie recipe is next.
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all right.
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in the summer, people start getting serious about fitness and health. perhaps that upcoming trip to the beach is inspiration. well, one step in that process is to eat for fruits and vegetables in your meals. chad hamilton, a food and wellness expert is here to show us an easy and delicious way to do just that. nice to see you. thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having me again. >> chad, your business is health by hamilton, but you're not a nutritionist, so tell us what you do to help people? >> i teach people about food in its most raw, common sense. not about its isolated parts, its minerals and vitamins, but what i talk about is what we don't know. >> and today you're going to show us how to make a delicious smoothie using whole foods. >> this is a very hydrated smoothie. we're in the summertime, d.c. swamp, a beautiful place to be, but a lot of people still forget to hydrate properly.
11:24 am
so what we want to do is make it a little bit fun, make it tasty, make it a little bit more available for children, for adults, for everyone. so what we want to do is take some cherries, some lime, about a cup of cherries. >> and a whole lime? >> one entire lime. all its edible parts. >> the whole nithing. about four or five sprigs of mint. >> including the stems? >> everything in there. >> next up, we have a cucumber, given to us by nature. >> the peel, everything in there. >> everything's edible. one more cup of watermelon. >> and these are all foods that are in season right now. >> right now. >> and why is eating seasonal fruits and vegetables better for you, better for your health than eating any old produce you can get at store now? >> we don't live in a circadian rhythm anymore, we don't live within ourselves in that matter, so to get reconnected with
11:25 am
yourself, with your food supply, with your unique diet, you've got to get in tune with the season. and we live in a great place for that. there's local vendors, there's local fairs, there's local farmers that are doing events all over d.c. so it's very easy to do. you can get at any store right now, your conventional stores, your organic stores, you can get it anywhere. >> so you just blend this right up. >> and i don't have one of these, and you can do it in your home blender. one more ingredient? >> i forgot to tell you, coconut water. >> how much? >> 1 or 2 cups, depends on how thick or how thin you want it. >> and no ice? >> no, you want to freeze something before you do it. your cucumbers or cherries. saves you from using ice and diluting the food. >> tastes better without the ice. >> ready?
11:26 am
>> yep. >> and how long? i know it's kind of loud, but how long? >> with this machine, i'll do it anywhere from 20 to 30 seconds. with a conventional machine, you might have to go up to a minute. >> for the sake of -- >> that should do it. >> all right. let's see. looks and smells great. and what i love is that you brought wine glasses. does this make it taste better? >> you've got to do it right. >> all right. thank you very much. and this is really good, you said, refreshing and hydrating, and a lot of people in the summer also are thinking about cleansing and detoxing. oh, look, you even have garnish. >> yeah, cleansing and detoxing, that's huge right now. >> look how pretty that is with the garnish. a little mint sprig and a lime in there. >> and without proper hydration, the body cannot detox. >> cheers. >> cheers, thank you. >> it's delicious, andhis is good for you. and you didn't add any sweetener either? >> no, there's absolutely no
11:27 am
need. it's full of fruit. we've got an herb, we have the mint, we have a veggie, you've got to have a veggie, i don't care what it is. it's anything that you want. but you've got to have a veggie in there. we can't be going through life, just fruit, sugar-dominant smoothies. >> so you always put the, at least one vegetable ingredient in your smoothie. >> at least. >> go back to the detoxing and cleansing part of your smoothie and why this can help in that process? >> the body cannot detox from an acidic environment. now, everything in your plant world is virtually, almost fully an alkalizing food. >> and if you're not looking to detox, just add some of this. and a virginia mother being
11:28 am
charged with the death of her child. the new information discovered in court documents. plus, when and where storms could move into our area this afternoon. and why are pilots commuting hundreds of miles to work and is it making them tired on the job? stay with us. we'll be right
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right now on "news 4 midday," we know who will host the winter olympics in 2018. pyeongchang, south korea, has been awarded the honor. it's their third attempt at hosting the winter games, and they have already built one venue, a ski-jumping venue. congratulations to south korea. tomorrow, a judge will sentence casey anthony on charges of lying to investigators. a florida jury found her not guilty of the more serious charges of murder and child abuse charges in the death of her 2-year-old daughter, caylee. the judge could have anthony released from custody at sentencing based on the three years she's already spent behind bars. the case that captivated the country is now decided and many say it had one shocking final twist. nbc's jeff rossen has more on how the not guilty verdict is playing across the country. >> not guilty. >> reporter: in orlando, it's
11:32 am
personal. >> all that evidence led to that girl doing this. >> none of this is right! >> reporter: as the jury passed judgment -- >> as to the charge of first-degree murder, we the jury find the defendant not guilty -- >> reporter: and casey anthony wiped tears of joy, america did some judging too, many of them outraged mothers. >> that's a little girl's life that she took. >> she's absolutely guilty. >> as to the charge of aggravated -- >> reporter: millions watched the verdict live, all over cable tv. they watched on airplanes with ipads. even at the scene where caylee's body was discovered. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: across the country, offices came to a standstill. >> reporter: and at home, quick reaction posted on youtube. >> how is that possible? >> she's going to walk. >> reporter: what began as that missing toddler case in florida
11:33 am
quickly morphed into a national obsession. >> we don't really feel like we got any answers. so it's unresolved. and what happens with things that are unresolved? we need to continue having a conversation about it. >> reporter: and we are. within seconds, the verdict went viral. on twitter, celebrities went off. "if the courts don't believe she is guilty, then who do they think killed this little baby?" tweeted kim kardashian. sharon osbourne called ate disgrace. and ashton kutcher "o.j. simpson finds this verdict outrageous." >> no justice for caylee! >> reporter: despite the public outpouring of outrage, not everyone upset. some say the jury got it right. >> people don't make accidents look like murder. >> that prosecutors just didn't prove their case. >> there just must have not have been enough hard, factual evidence. >> juries have to have the evidence to make a conviction.
11:34 am
>> reporter: whether you agree or not, there is one undisputed truth. a beautiful 2-year-old girl is gone and we don't know why. >> and that was jeff rossen reporting. an alternate juror in the case defended the verdict this morning on the "today" show. he says the prosecution just did not present enough evidence. a virginia mother is in court this morning, facing charges of felony murder and child neglect after leaving her toddler in a hot fan. veterinarian karen murphy arrived at the prince william county courthouse just about an hour ago. she's accused of leaving her 2-year-old son, ryan, in the family vehicle for seven hours earlier this month on a day when temperatures reached 85 degrees. murphy didn't discover the little boy until she returned home. by that time, ryan had died. it wasn't the first time she had forgotten her child in her car. court documents show murphy left her son in the car for 20 minutes in january in her work parking lot. a new survey finds one in
11:35 am
five airline pilots live at least 750 miles from work. the national research council report is raising concerns that long commutes to airports could leave to fatigue in the cockpit. the calculations were based on home addresses of more than 25,000 pilots, 6% of pilots listed a primary residence of at least 1,500 miles from the airline base where they begin flights. the council says it's difficult to determine the safety risk associated with long commutes without more information about the practices of individual pilots. weather could delay the final shuttle flight this week. despite threatening weather, nasa started the countdown clock ahead of friday's launch. meteorologist tom kierein says there's an almost 60% chance of rain or thunderstorms that will postpone it. it's scheduled to lift off at 1 11:26 friday morning. after landlanding, the shuttle head to a museum. we're following a developing story this morning in arizona. take a look at this.
11:36 am
you can see a huge dust storm move across the sky near phoenix. those storms also brought down several power lines, which sparked at least one fire. they're busy trying to restore power now. the storm also closed the sky harbor airport for about an hour. drivers had to pull over on interstate 10 because they couldn't see. air pollution is also a problem. that's amazing video out there. let's check in again with tom kierein to get the latest on the forecast. anymore rain for us, tom? >> we could get some later this afternoon. by the way, that was a gust front from a nearby thunderstorm that picked up all that dust after the arizona desert and moved it through phoenix. here, we are hot and humid. temperatures right now are not too bad. we're around 80 degrees. and the radar showing a few light showers, a few sprinkles now, anne arundell, calvert, prince george's, charles, and st. mary's counties. those are traveling off to the east, but there's a cluster of heavier downpours where you see that red and orange. that's just not northeast of richmond. that's drifting off to the east-northeast, into the northern neck.
11:37 am
that red area, it's unloading rain at an rate of about 2 inches an hour. it has some thunder and lightning with it too. that will pass well south of the metro area. right now our temperatures are approaching 80 degrees, and we're seeing a little sunshine breaking out. where we had the rain, it's still in the 70s across parts of northern virginia and southern maryland. but after this rain moves away, we'll get some sunshine breaking out and that ought to warm things well into the 80s, maybe even low 90s a few places. and we do look to see the possibility of some storms breaking out later this afternoon and this evening. a very slight chance they would be severe. then on thursday and friday, more of the same, although friday may be in the morning, afternoon, well into the evening hours. then over the weekend, saturday, sunday, and into the first part of next week, we'll have hazy, hot conditions up around 90, but only a slight chance of any storms. that's the way it looks right now, eun. >> tom, thanks so much. there's a new push to fight what some are calling police
11:38 am
harassment in prince george's county. casa demaryland is heading the effort. the group is training people to be monitors and report complaints against police. police say they caught someone who broke into a sex shop in wood bridge in prince william county. it happened at the mvc late-night adult store along jefferson davis highway. according to inside, police found 28-year-old justin little jim in the closet with a blow-up doll. he's facing several charges, including burglary. a second man is arrested in connection with a deadly shooting near the caribbean festival last month. 21-year-old deante bryant is charged with second-degree murder. investigators say he was one of the gunman involved in the shooting that killed robert foster jr. and injured two innocent bystanders. the fourth shooting victim, 19-year-old terry jiminez, was also arrested. police say the shooting was gang
11:39 am
related. and leaders in prince george's county are calling for leslie johnson to resign immediately in the wake of federal corruption charges against her. she submitted a resignation effective july 31st, but county executive ra shern baker says she's holding up getting a replacement. >> i think we should have the special election as quickly as possible, which means the resignation should be as quickly as possible. >> last week leslie johnson pled guilty to destroying money given to her husband, former county executive jack johnson. she's scheduled to be sentenced on october 13th. leslie johnson was not present when the council voted to appoint prince george's new police chief. the council approved mark ma gaw to officially lead the 1,500 member department. the 27-year veteran had been serving as interim chief since december and replaced roberto hilton. police are looking for those responsible for stealing from people at a church during sunday services. members of at least three churches in vienna had their purses or wallets taken sunday morning. all the victims left their purses unattended inside
11:40 am
unlocked rooms at the churches. police aren't sure if or how the thefts are related. it is now 11:39, 80 degrees. still ahead on "news 4 midday," a lottery winner who's trying to keep things as normal as possible, even keeping his day job as a janitor. and postpart
11:41 am
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welcome become at 11:42. prince william and kate have made a last-minute change to their royal tour. today they'll meet with people affected by recent wildfires. they'll head to slave lake in northern alberta to meet with firefighters and people whose homes were destroyed by wildfires. this leg of the trip was last minute because the couple wanted to make sure that their visit would not interfere with recovery efforts. a high school janitor won the lottery five years ago, but he didn't change his daily routine. as nbc's bob dotson reports, his bank account is the only thing that is different. >> reporter: someone has to turn on the lights in life. someone has to do the jobs we take for granted. >> good morning. how are you? >> reporter: but you'd think tyrone curry would kiss this trash can good-bye. >> this is what i was doing when i learned that i had won the lottery. >> reporter: five years ago, the evergreen high school custodian won the washington state lottery. >> i took off running. >> thank you. fill it back up.
11:44 am
>> reporter: his wife, michelle, had his winning ticket worth -- >> i don't know. it's 3,40 -- too many zeros, i can't count that high. >> reporter: $3.4 million. tyrone went bowling to celebrate. like he's done every wednesday for 25 years. >> he hasn't changed, at all, in my mind. >> reporter: his bank account may be bigger, but not his life. >> push, push. >> i'm just joe citizen. >> reporter: who still lives in a tiny house at the end of a cul-de-sac with his wife, a grandson, and four other family members. >> we were in the middle of bankruptcy -- >> reporter: when they won the lottery. that big check bought them out of debt, but they spent little else. all you did with your house is put in a heat pump and siding? >> and a driveway. >> reporter: for the car that carries him to work, five years later. some students were worried he might quit.
11:45 am
>> man, we're going to miss you like crazy. >> reporter: tyrone, you could be sleeping at 4:00 in the morning. >> you could be dog stuff. that's my philosophy. >> reporter: for "today," bob dotson, nbc news, with an american story in seattle, washington. >> well, good for him. we wish him all the best. stocks are a little changed in today's early going. let's check in with cnbc's julia boorstin. she has more on that and the rest of the day ease business headlines. good day to you, julia. >> good morning, eun. it's another choppy, thin volume session, and stocks are up, but just slightly. the nasdaq up by nearly 5 points with, the s&p 500 up just a fraction of a point. banks among the worst performers of the day while consumer staples stocks are gaining. prosecutors are meeting with lawyers for dominique strauss-kahn. they're expected to push for sexual assault charges against him to be immediately dropped. this amid new questions about the accuser's credibility.
11:46 am
institute for supply management says the nation's service sector was growing at a slightly slower pace in june, a sign that the economy remains sluggish. and the number of planned layoffs increased for a second month in a row, this according to a report by job placement firm, gray & christmas. this comes ahead of a number of key employment numbers due out tomorrow and friday. and the mortgage association reports that application activity dipped 5.2% last week, plunging lower by fewer refinance requests. women like brooke shields have talked openly about their struggle with postpartum depression. about 15% of new moms struggle with it. dr. joshua weiner joins us now. first of all, what is postpartum depression and how do you recognize it from just the baby blues that a lot of people feel after having a baby.
11:47 am
>> the baby blues are low mood, irritability. those occur in 50 to 80% of women. generally, those are more mild and resolve within two weeks. postpartum is really a full-blown depression that's occurring shortly after berth. sometimes generally within the first few months after birth. and really, what you're experiencing is all the symptoms you would experience if you were having a regular depression disorder. women are more likely to experience concentration problems, lots of anxiety, agitation, and they're also having appetite changes, energy changes. they're sometimes experiencing suicidal thoughts, feeling very hopeless, worthless. wherever somebody's having real significant mood changes, shortly after having had a baby, you need to be at least thinking about the possibility that you could be experiences postpartum depression. >> and what is the difference between postpartum depression and postpartum psychosis, a much
11:48 am
more serious diagnosis? >> much more serious and much more common. postpartum psychosis occurs in about 1 in 500 women. that's when women experience an incredible change in their personali personality. they begin to hear voices, they're delusional, believing things that aren't true. they're having a break with reality. i've only treated one person with that. and after a couple of weeks of treatment, she went back to her normal self. she was actually a teacher and it was unbelievable to see the difference between her when she was psychotic versus normal. >> what causes this? what triggers it? >> we don't know what triggers postpartum psychosis, because it's so much more rare, it's hard to study. postpartum depression results from a few things, one is the rapid decrease in the hormones, primary estrogen and progesterone. there's a rapid decline in those after give birth and delivering
11:49 am
the placenta, in particular. and there's a lot of stress associated with having a baby, there's major changes in lifestyle, in particular, decreased sleep, and about 6% of women during pregnancy will develop problems with their thyroid and their thyroid hormone. and thyroid problems are closely associated with mental health problems, in particular, depression. so that's one thing that needs to be evaluated in somebody who's developing a postpartum depression. >> any risk factors that make someone more likely to suffer from postpartum depression? >> if you have a history of depression in the past prior to being pregnancy, you have about a 30% chance of developing postpartum depression. and if you've had postpartum depression in the past, you're at risk of having postpartum depression for future pregnancies. and women who are carrying multiples, twins or triplets, or at a higher risk of developing postpartum depression. >> that make sense, the more stress of having more babies. and what about the effect on the baby? a lot of people worry that a
11:50 am
mother who is suffering from postpartum depression could negatively affect the baby's development and health. >> there are these extreme cases in which you worry with about the impact that the mother's depression may have on her ability to care for the child, she may neglect the child, or in very, very rare cases, she may have thoughts of hurting the child. more commonly what we see, kids who mothers develop postpartum depression have delays in their cognitive development and social skill development. a mother who is depressed is going to be less likely to interact in a positive manner with their child, less likely to talk to that baby, and that will have impacts on the child's development. >> you've been here talking about the casey anthony case in the past, why do you think the country's reaction has been so strong and visceral in the wake of that not guilty verdict for murder for casey anthony? >> well, i think any time when you're talking about the death of a child, it really is a much more sensitive topic for people. kids are so innocent, they're so vulnerable, and people really felt -- the majority of people
11:51 am
felt like she was really guilty. a lot of people feel like justice has not been served in this case. >> dr. joshua weiner, thanks so much for joining us, as always. appreciate it. >> my pleasure. thanks. chbl all right. it is now 11:50. coming up, training camp plans for the redskins. and tom kierein will be back with the latest on the storms this morning.
11:52 am
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11:54 am
look at that. these guys are becoming a viral hit, just for having a good time. the group calls itself the metro party boys. a number of videos have popped up on youtube in the past few days, showing them clapping and dancing on metro trains. quite a show there. this most recent post shows them dancing on a green line after monday night's fireworks. the person who put this clip online said his friends wanted to make the ride fun for everybody. i think they manage to do just that. as nfl players and owners meet again today, an announcement from the redskins is providing a promising sign that a deal is near.
11:55 am
coach mike shanahan and the redskins' staff are preparing for training camp to start on time later this month. coaches have been off for the month of june, but are expected to be back next month to get ready for camp to start by july 28th. sources close to the negotiations say a deal could be done by the end of the week. it is now 11:55. the first lady is joining forces with the nationals to support military families. last night michelle obama took to the mound with some soldiers' children for the first pitch at the national's game. several kids threw pitches and then took pictures with the first lady and some nats' players as well. mrs. obama also joined several families who were recognized by the team and fans during a third inning tribute and the nats put on quite a show for the fans, beating the can cubs 3-2. let's take a look now at what we're working on for news 4 this afternoon. pat lawson muse is in the newsroom now with a preview of what's to come. hi, pat! >> hi, eun. coming up on news 4 at 4:00,
11:56 am
this afternoon, facebook is planning a huge announcement today. plus, why this 90-year-old pilot wanted to go skydiving on his birthday. it's a heartwarming story that we'll tell you about at 4:00 as well. then tonight on news 4 at 5:00, he danced his way to weight loss, but it wasn't just practicing hissal and a his merengue steps that helped him get fit. this dance involved getting a little wet too. we'll tell you all about that story and all the latest news starting on news 4 at 4:00 this afternoon. eun eun? >> we'll see you soon. thanks so much, pat. a final check of the forecast with tom. it was hazy and then we had some rain. is the weather changing again? >> it's always changing. keeps me busy. a little bit of sunshine breaking out now. still getting a few light showers in charles and now calvert county and st. mary's county, but where you see those areas of color farther to the south, those are some areas of heavier downpours right now, just about to move into the
11:57 am
northern neck. those are heading east. those downpours, maybe a little bit of thunder and lightning sorb associated with those. temperatures are climbing into the 80s throughout most of the region. we ought to hit the 90-degree mark by midafternoon, and late afternoon, storms popping up, as well as into the early evening hours, maybe a small risk that an isolated storm would produce any hail or perhaps wind damage. then on thursday, another day a lot like today. partly sunny, hot and humid afternoon. and an afternoon or evening storm is possible tomorrow. then on friday, mostly cloudy, maybe a morning or midday shower. some afternoon and evening storms. saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday, though, each day, a very slight chance of any storms, but still hot and humid. we'll see you tomorrow morning. we start at 4:30. both of us will be here. >> we'll be here, tom, like we never left. usually all you need to catch a home run ball is a glove, but in san francisco, sometimes you need a boat. and that, of course, can cause some problems. look at that. giants' third baseman pablo
11:58 am
sandoval belted a home run into the san francisco bay yesterday. look at that -- that kayaker and a paddle boater decided to go after the ball, but the paddle boater just jumps right in. fuf unfortunately, kayaks don't have breaks, he gets run off, and he's there, hangs on to the ball. that does it for us. be sure to tune into news 4 at 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00 later today for all the day's news and i'll be back tomorrow morning starting at 4:30 a.m. hope you'll join us then. have a great d
11:59 am
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